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22nd January 2019

Brunel’s Bristol.

(His life, work, and legacy. How Brunel’s projects impacted on Bristol and the wider society)

The Society’s Annual General Meeting

Chris Bigg

26th February 2019

Out of Earth.

(Bath mined wealth of coal, stone, and clay)

Stuart Burroughs

26th March 2019

Bedminster Slum Clearance in the 1930’s.

(How Bedminster started to be changed and was remodelled)

Mike Hooper

23rd April 2019

Frenchay Hospital, the Hidden History.

(Looks at the hospital form its early days to occupation by the Americans an its final closure)

Alan Freke

28th May 2019

The First 60 years of Radio Broadcasting to Britain

(Traces the story by way of audio clips and illustrations from the 1920s to the introduction of Independent Local Radio)

John Penny

24th September 2019

On the Streets.

(A look at street and road furniture and signs for the past to the present day. It illustrates some old and obscure items. Many have been replaced over time, but some can still be seen. It’s a look at those familiar items we pass and never give a second glance)

Mike Britton

22nd October 2019

Family History - Fact or Fiction.

(Are all those family stories you were told about the past true?)

Pat Hase

26th November 2019

The Greatest Story Ever Told.

(This is a musical version on the Nativity story. A truly entertaining evening for all)

This meeting will be a buffet evening

Tim Lewis &

    Sheila Furneaux